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Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI)

The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) is a community creating economic and social mobility through entrepreneurship. RMMFI helps curious people transform into serious entrepreneurs through skill building, mentorship, and micro lending. RMMFI provides a simple and effective approach to business development built around the philosophy that poor planning equals poor results.  First step – does your idea make sense, next step – launch it, and finally – be really successful with it!

The BE Stories highlighted RMMFI’s Boot Camp Class #14 graduates’ stories – click on the link under each picture to hear what they had to say about their BE story…

The Be Stories_RMMFI_Be Passionate

Carmone’s Jammin’ Jerk Sauce

The Be Stories_RMMFI_Be Creative Everyday

Valhalla Cake Shop

The Be Stories_RMMFI_Be Light

Seton Language Services

The Be Stories_RMMFI_Be Intentionally and Authentically Creative

Sweet Ridge Studios

The Be Stories_RMMFI_Be Your Best through Your Process

Alchemy Studios

The Be Stories_RMMFI_Be Passionate_2


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