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trust the timing of your life One of my main “be” goals for 2015 is to “be trusting.” Trusting that I will live into the life that I am supposed to live and that things will materialize when they are meant to – not when I force them to. I have a tendency to be impatient and want things to happen quickly, but have learned that life is much more enjoyable when you let things organically develop. It is a constant practice to learn to let go and not feel the need to muscle things into action. So, on those days when I am feeling really challenged or discouraged, I try to just repeat to myself, “Trust.” As cliche as it is, we really do not know how one small incident – good or bad – could eventually lead to something completely unexpected. It’s about being open to the opportunity vs. trying to orchestrate the opportunity.

What are some of the ways that you work to let go and just trust?

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