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A Way of Life_Uri_Amsterdam

My brother-in-love in Amsterdam sent the above picture to me yesterday. I wasn’t having the best day and to open my phone and see this little message gave me a boost of energy. I’m sure it only took him minutes to snap and send, but it made me smile and gave me an important reminder in the middle of a not-so-great day…take the time to do the little things.

We never really know what another person is in the middle of and how a small gesture can go a long way. It can be easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, forgetting that others have their own stuff, too. When you are creating your own path of being, remember that you need others along that path with you. Take the time to thank and appreciate the people who are there with you, and cheer others along as they create their own path. You might not always know it, but it goes along way. Just make it a way of life.

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