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Should You Quit Your Job?

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One of the questions I consistently get when talking to people about Chapter Be is – “How do I know when to take the leap and quit my job?” One woman this week asked me, “How do you get over the fear of not knowing whether or not your decision to go out on your own is the right one?” You want to be careful to not let fear be what drives your decisions, but you also want to take the leap that makes the most sense to YOU. This is one of those times when comparing yourself to others is a bad, bad idea.

As every Chapter Be interview points out – each individual has their own path to when, why and how they left their job to pursue their own thing. There is no right or wrong, and it is when it makes the most sense to you. I love the infographic above, though, because it points out that sometimes leaving your job isn’t the answer. Sometimes you might just need to reimagine your current role in that company while other times you need to run like hell. Quitting a job too early can also cause a lot of stress – as stress about how you are going to pay your bills is a top stressor. So, it is smart to be calculated – just not too calculated because you might never move forward if you weigh every factor too heavily.

Remember that everyone’s situation is different and not to compare yourself to another’s story. Instead use it as a motivator and inspiration and try to see what elements you can apply to your life and situation. Just don’t let yourself get trapped or stuck. There is always another alternative. It might take time, so be patient – but know that with small steps forward and some leaps of faith, you’ll get there!

Infographic via CreativeLive

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