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You Might As Well Take a Chance


I’ve never been a huge Jim Carrey fan – that is until Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, when I saw that he has another side to him besides the goofy comedic side. His performance displayed his range and really signified that he had a deeper side to him than just Ace Ventura. It is a good example that most people do have more sides to them then what we see, and that we all have the chance to grow creatively and not be stuck in the same spot forever.

I recently came across his 2014 graduation speech at Maharishi University, and it added to seeing him in a whole different light. He offers a lot of sound advice in his speech – not of the least being the above  – that life is short, so why not spend it doing what you enjoy?

If you are interested in listening to the speech in its entirety – click HERE!

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