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Make Your Own Formula


Loving this Tumblr, Last Night’s Reading, created by Kate Gavino where she illustrates the readings that she sees around New York City. Such a creative way to capture the wise words of many-a-authors, including this quote by the brilliant Junot Díaz.

Díaz’s point that no one can tell us how to be, and that if we follow the path of someone else’s formula, we are bound for a prison of sorts, is one worth remembering. It can be so very easy to follow along the path that we think we should walk or the one that we feel others expect of us  – but those paths usually lead you to a dead-end. The goal is to create a life where we are each creating our own formula – that one that works for you as an individual. It is worth taking the time to figure out what your unique formula is. That process might not be immediate or always easy, but it is much better than a pair of handcuffs.

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