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This video was passed along to me by an educator that I am working with for another project, and I love it. It really resonated with me, because I realized recently that I have a tendency to create systems and become inflexible at the thought of changing or dropping them when it might be what I need the most. I have changed what I am doing, but I need to continue to work on changing the way in which I do it. I brought over habits with me from my desk job, that do not serve me very well, and the above video is a challenge to start questioning those habits.

Richard Serra’s point that there is an importance at looking at the nature of process and how our process becomes systematized the more we do it. This is what makes us start feeling like robots instead of independently thinking individuals. This is what can make us feel like we are on a hamster wheel. I couldn’t agree more that there is a real importance in inventing new strategies for our work that will “extend our vision” and allow us to see something in a whole new light. Looking at art helps us do this, but it is also important that you are the “doer” and not just the observer.

What are some ways that you invent new strategies so that you don’t get into some “lockstep notion of how to do what you do?”

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