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Fulfill Your Creative Purpose

Fulfill Your Creative Purpose_Creative Live

A friend told me about a class that is currently taking place on CreativeLive from December 2nd – January 23rd called Fulfill Your Creative Purpose. If you are not familiar with CreativeLive, it is a site where you can take a plethora of different online classes. It is free if you watch live, but if you can’t watch during the assigned hours then you can pay to watch the videos whenever you schedule permits. The site is pretty brilliant and worth checking out.

This class is from 12-2:00 pm EST – so great for those of you who are on the east coast and want to use your lunch break to watch – and it is highlighting ways in which you can “find new avenues for creative expression and challenge old assumptions about your potential to make money as an artist.” Each day you will get 25-90 minute lessons, activities and challenges to “define your mission and create a thriving artist enterprise.”

If you are interested, check out the schedule below and tune in on one (or all) of the remaining nine days. If this particular course doesn’t strike your match, then you are sure to find another on the site that might!


*Images via CreativeLive

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