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Today I met up with my friend, Brian, to talk about some work stuff – which we did – but a lot of the conversation was also about the struggles and difficulties of creating your own path. We met at Denver’s Union Station and the beautiful surroundings were a backdrop to our honest conversation about following your creative ideas, building a community around you and working to cultivate long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Mid-January is always a bit of a trying time for me, and it was just the conversation that I needed to give me a lift and some motivation. I’ve heard from some other people that said they have been struggling to motivate or are just feeling off right now. If you are one of those people – make a coffee date with a friend who is also trying to start their own business or make their creative yearnings into more than a hobby. An in-person conversation will be a spirit lifter and remind you that you aren’t alone in your feelings. If you don’t feel like anyone in your current community is in a similar situation – email me! I’m more than happy to talk!

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