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#DearMe is a YouTube campaign where you can send a message to your younger self – about lessons learned and things you wish you would have known then that you know now. The Daily Share teamed up with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls to ask women at PaleyFest what their #DearMe message would be.

What stood out for me the most about the video is how many of them said the same thing, independently of each other – don’t worry, you are enough and be kind to yourself. These are all things that I would have said myself, and it both gave me a feeling of relief that I am not the only one who battles the fight to stop worrying so much, and made me wonder if these are traits that we unknowingly raise our daughters to feel.

Why do we worry so much? Why do we have feelings that we are not enough? How can we be kinder to ourselves? While I definitely think that I am better at this then I used to be, it is still something that challenges me and something that I am trying to be better about as I move forward in this world. I can’t claim to have it all figured out, but I am more aware.

For me, it all connects back to living a life that is driven by my inner muchness instead of outside voices, people and shoulds. I would want to let my younger self know the importance of staying connected to that muchness – and not let the world or another person take it away. You are not helpless. You have choice. The power is in your hands. Don’t be a victim.

A powerful exercise would be to think about yourself ten years from now – what would you want your 10+self to say to your today-self? Whatever his message might be – it can help drive what you should be focusing on in the here and now. It will help the important things rise to the top. Cause we do get wiser as we get older. Truth.

What would your #DearMe message be?


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