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“Believe in What You Are Doing.”

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Mark Manson’s list of 33 Things Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Know was shared with me recently, and it really resonated.  He wrote it two years ago, and something tells me that I’ve read it before. Yet, it struck me completely differently, reading it again, now in a different place on my career path. It reminded me of a lot of things, and his writing has a powerful way of helping you check yourself. I greatly appreciate how honest and real he is, as having things sugar-coated doesn’t help you be honest and real with yourself.

One of my favorite points is #12: “Believe in what you’re doing – Otherwise, even if you do become successful, you’re just stuck in another grind. But this time, it’s of your own making.”

This is so very true. One of the reasons I left my 9-5 desk job is that I was miserable sitting behind a computer 40+ hours a week. Yet, here I am – sitting behind a computer, way more than 40 hours a week. The difference – now there is no one else I can blame but myself!

Lately I have been having more honest conversations with myself about the need for a change with Chapter Be and how it is probably time for its next iteration and some forward movement. It was helpful to read Manson’s list and be reminded that a) my feelings are completely legit and b) it is probably time to listen to those said feelings and make some changes.

I struggle with change, so part of my path is learning to embrace change and see it as part of the process vs. something that denotes failure. Yet, again, it is all about the mindset that we have as we approach something.

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