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I passed by this message in West Hollywood last week – spray painted on a temporary wall on Melrose Place, located on a part of the famous street that holds a good number of high end stores and shops. The juxtaposition of its location to the quickly constructed message was notable. I’m not sure if that was the intention of the author, but it definitely stood out.

We hear this message so very often – do what makes you happy – so much so, that I often wonder how much meaning it holds any longer. It can be frustrating to those who are trying to identify what it is that makes them happy – often then having the reverse affect – just doing one thing after the other. I therefore think it is much more beneficial to say – be what makes you happy. Because happiness is nothing but a state of mind. Yes – we can follow and do things that make us happy, but if we do not make the consorted effort to BE happy, then the doing might just be a fleeting feeling. In order to be we have to do, but I think the first step is just deciding that you are going to be happy – no matter what.

The external factors of doing are not what is going to make you ultimately happy. It is the internal factors of being. Start with focusing on that.

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