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  1. Dorothy Piper April 14, 2015 at 11:23 am #


    I woke up this morning from a peaceful sleep and thanked God for a new day. My son had sent a message directing my attention to your beautiful tribute of kind words. I realized early in my teaching career that students learn and grow by exploring, seeing a need, and sharing with others. Helping students recognize who they are, being proud of “self”, and always trying to do their best in every situation is what I strived for each day. As a fourth grader, your family had already instilled in you a confidence that you could achieve anything. It was such a pleasure to see your big smile each day and know that you were there to learn. You and others informed me that yours was the graduating class of “2000”, and greatness would be your forte. You challenged me to work hard and creatively teach material necessary to your becoming a productive citizen. I am very proud to have been your teacher and I thank you for sharing your successes with me. Keep up the good work and hold your head high. You are a prime example of why I chose and love my profession.

    Fond memories,

    Mrs. Piper

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