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2015 Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week, September 28th – October 2nd, celebrated its fourth year in existence, with its goals being to:  1) enhance the sense of community amongst Denver entrepreneurs, 2) highlight Denver as an entrepreneurial center on the local, regional and national stage, and 3) provide education, inspiration and networking events for the Denver entrepreneurial community. The BE Stories highlighted some of the week participants’ stories when they stopped into Chase Basecamp – click on the link under each picture to hear what they had to say about their BE story…

The Be Stories_DSW_Passionate

The Be Stories_DSW_Yourself

The Be Stories_DSW_Warrior_Priest

The Be Stories_DSW_Shakin Hands

The Be Stories_DSW_Ready for Surprises

The Be Stories_DSW_Positive Differences

The Be Stories_DSW_Mindful

The Be Stories_DSW_Me_Famous

The Be Stories_DSW_Kind

The Be Stories_DSW_Independently Wealthy & Well Respected

The Be Stories_DSW_Good

The Be Stories_DSW_Different

The Be Stories_DSW_Curious

The Be Stories_DSW_Authentic

The Be Stories_DSW_Controversial

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