So, how do you identify what it is that you really want to do while living in the every day realities of your day-to-day life?  Chapter Be will examine this through a panel discussion with four self-starters who have changed their careers and built a business to follow their own creative path.  We’ll talk about how they came to decide that the risk was worth it, and the steps they took to change their careers and create something new in order to follow what they love. By telling their open and true stories, which will include the trials, tribulations and successes along the way, the goal is to create an open and honest dialogue about what it means to change your route later in life or re-direct it.

7:30 – 9:30 | Makeshift Society – BK | 55 Hope Street, Brooklyn, New York
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Melissa Rapoport
Melissa Rapoport Health Counseling

Melissa Rapoport_Health & Wellness CoachMelissa moved to New York after college and chose to follow a path of “acceptability” (with approving nods from family and friends), which landed her in advertising. By her mid-20s she had a successful career, was married, and miserable. Melissa ditched the career and created a start-up coffee business. And while it was cutting edge at the time, it too was someone else’s dream. She went back to school to find her calling and enrolled in the Developmental Psychology master’s program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She found her calling but it got derailed – as a divorce, single parenthood, financial paralysis and the loss of her home put her dreams on hold and they seemed out of reach. So, she closed the coffee business, took control of her finances, lost nearly 30 pounds, found a new home that really feels like home, and started a new career as a health and wellness coach that she loves each and every day.

Sarah Swift
Sarah Swift Jewelry

Sarah Swift_Sarah Swift JewelrySarah Swift professional career had been in PR and Marketing – which included working for the National Weather Center as well as various other consulting jobs. She found herself bored and missed being able to tap into her creative side – she wanted a change and for her day-to-day life to be one of creativity. So she went back to get her MBA at the University of Oklahoma in order to direct her path on how to become an entrepreneur. During this time she started creating jewelry and fell in love with it. So she did an internship at the Harris Dolbee Showroom in New York City and afterwards made the leap to move to New York and design her own jewelry. Her eclectic style is seen throughout her jewelry designs, inspired by her own life experiences, and she finds much inspiration in 1970s gritty & glam rock n’roll, couture fashion, urban culture, desert scenes, science and astronomy, retro-futurism, beauty and color.

Stacy Hauger
Fritz & Fräulein

Stacy Hauger_Fritz & FrauleinStacy is a nomadic creative, who was raised in small town Illinois and educated at Syracuse University in New York and London.  After spending five years in the sunshine of Venice, California, working with some of the most inspiring and talented people in the entertainment industry, she decided to change gears and move back East to Brooklyn with her French Bulldog, Tank. It was at this time that she created her business Fritz & Fräulein due to her love for all things vintage as well as her personal passion for sustainability. The business also was a way for her to connect back to her formal training in design. In her travels to flea markets around the globe, she came across gorgeous pieces that inspired her, as oftentimes their original use has become obsolete. She decided to breathe new life into them through functional redesign.

Tiffany Washington
Ilene Miriam Pastry Studio 

Tiffany Washington_IM Pastry StudioTiffany, a Brooklyn native, attended FIT and worked as an assistant fashion stylist before taking a job as an account manager at a publishing company. While in this job, Tiffany started to bake on the side – connecting back to the love she had for it when her grandmother taught her many years before. It was just something she did on the side for friends, until orders started to pile up and become more than just a passion project. Tiffany and her partner, Jo-Laine Duke-Collins, are in the process of turning their online side business into a full-time brick-and-mortar business in Brooklyn, which was helped by a successful Kickstarter campaign this past summer. Tiffany just transitioned to working at IM Pastry Studio full-time, but before that she was working on her pastry business while maintaining her 9 to 5 job and being a full-time mother.

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