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Creativity has always been in me. You can be creative anywhere, but how you are creative does depend, in part, on your surroundings.   – Alex Stoddard


I think there are a few cities in particular where someone might be exposed to enough change and noise that their creativity goes up. But in that very same place, there are people whose creativity goes down because the noise drowns out the sound in their head. My friend, Zig Ziglar, quotes a statistic from a study which found that a huge percentage of people who moved from Houston to Dallas started a successful business in the next year. He then tells people that before they quickly move from Houston to Dallas, they should understand that the study also shows that the same percentage of people who moved from Dallas to Houston started a business. The point isn’t where you live; the point is how it feels to live there. I don’t think it’s in the water or the air; I think it’s in the choice of how you see what’s going on around you. – Seth Godin

*Image via Chapter Be – Brooklyn, NY and Twin Lakes, CO

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