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Scarcity of Wisdom

“We live in a world awash with information, but we seem to face a growing scarcity of wisdom. And what’s worse, we confuse the two. We believe that having access to more information produces more knowledge, which results in more wisdom. But, if anything, the opposite is true — more and more information without the proper context and interpretation only muddles our understanding of the world rather than enriching it.” –Maria Popova

I love the messages that Maria Popova is putting out into the world via her site Brain Pickings. Her work on the above video is thought-provoking, and I appreciate how she points out the importance in storytelling as we work to navigate the endless amount of information that is out there for us to consume. She expresses that storytellers “matter more than ever in helping us make sense of an increasingly complex world.” I couldn’t agree more. The interviews that I have been able to do for Chapter Be have helped me not only connect with people, but learn through their experiences. They have helped me feel less alone, have inspired me, given me ideas, made me re-evaluate and allowed me to see things through a whole new lens. Because of this, I have begun to seek out other stories as a way of learning. I feel that stories are a way to connect with each other and learn more about ourselves in the process.

May we all have the “tremendous wisdom and boundless courage” to be the storytellers of our own lives, so that we can get closer to understanding “that grand question: Why are we here?”

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