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Make a Virtue of Your Peculiarities

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Ursula K. Le Guin is an author of novels, children’s books, and short stories, mainly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction, and…she is wonderfully unique. She defied many gender stereotypes and followed her own peculiarities into a successful writing career. This year, at the age of 85, she won the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, one of Literature’s most prestigious honors. She is a writer of imagination and has worked to stay true to her creative voice. All this to say – she is someone worth listening to, admiring and respecting. Yet, I think it is never too late to make a virtue of your peculiarities. Even if you didn’t follow your own path at around the age of twenty, it doesn’t mean it is too late to embrace your authentic being and make a change to follow your peculiarities. Be uniquely you and love the peculiarities. They are your sparkle and spice. 

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