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Learn Anything, and Be Anyone

Founders First: DIY from Collaborative Fund on Vimeo.

“Everyone is capable of being creative, just like everyone is capable of learning to read. To help people do that, you have to teach them, at a really young age, to be fearless.”
Zach Klein, Co-Founder & CEO of DIY

Many times when I interview someone they talk about the fact that their formal education never taught many of the skills they need to be an entrepreneur or small business owner. Specifically the importance of not being afraid to make mistakes.  While there are many-many creative things happening in classrooms around the country with teachers who are trying very hard to create an environment where their students can experiment and make mistakes, the educational system is set up around assessments that judge whether or not you know the right answer to a test question.

It is hopeful to see organizations like DIY that are thinking about how to engage young people – allowing them to combine the use of technology with getting their hands dirty while doing. The more we allow the young people in our society to play, test things out, experiment, ask questions, do research, fail while figuring something out and have a safe space to make mistakes the more likely we are constructing a society that will be creative and innovative. I’d love to see the same opportunities happening in all of our schools, but this is a great way to start the conversation and get people thinking about how we are ensuring that creativity is an important component of one’s education…and life.

We can teach our students by modeling the same behavior and redefining what “success” means within our society. We need a DIY for adults to remind us to never stop learning and be okay with trying things out. We, too, can “learn anything, and be anyone.”

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