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Know Your Neighbors

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Your day can get rather boring when you work from home, and there is  an endless vortex of tasks that can pull you away from the work that you are supposed to be doing. That is why, from time-to-time, I try to leave my home office and go and work at a local coffee shop. I’m lucky because Denver has really worked to promote local coffee shops, so there are several outside of the corner Starbucks. Support local, folks!

Last week I was doing some work at Huckleberry Roasters and I happened to be sitting next to a group of very friendly women. We got talking and after telling them a bit about Chapter Be they filled me in about the paths that they have chosen to take – which just so happened to be wonderfully amazing Chapter Be stories. It was really delightful to get the chance to talk to them, and it was a welcomed, unexpected surprise to meet these creative women in the middle of a work day.

One of the women, Bethany, was waitressing after graduating from college and really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She expressed that she really didn’t want to be waitressing, but wanted to follow her creative yearnings to create hand-made gifts from the heart. So, she started working at a floral shop, Cori Cook Floral Design, and decided to teach herself calligraphy. Within months she had started her own business, Maeve & Peach. I loved her story, and I loved that she was at a coffee shop with calligraphy pen in hand. One of the other women, Caitlin, had made the decision to follow her passion for photography and has been shooting people around the Denver area and building up her portfolio. She said that after college she felt this pressure to follow a certain path and get a high paying job, but it was her parents that encouraged her to instead follow what interested her. Again, she made the choice to go out on a limb and create her own path – doing what she wanted to with her life instead of working at a job that she didn’t love. 

So – just goes to show, it pays to take the time to talk to your neighbors and hear a bit about their story. You never know what you will learn or how you will be inspired. It was great to hear two more stories of people who are following their passions and, therefore, making their community a stronger, more interesting place. 

Talk to your neighbors. Ask them questions. Build your community. 

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