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An Online Skillshare Class by Ethan Bodnar

I get the chance to talk to many people who are in jobs and want a change. They might like the security that their job gives them, but they are bored, unhappy, not challenged or just feel like they need a change. Many times they don’t even know how to take the first step toward making a change or trying to do something different with their career and/or life. This can be a scary place to be – knowing that you want a change, but not knowing how you can even take the first step to do that.

To just take a leap when you have NO idea what you would do is not only scary, but can actually have a reverse affect. Yes, you will no longer be at that job, but there will be new stressors that come along with that. If the environment is toxic, then I recommend getting out however that might be. But, if you can stick it out then use having the security of an income, health insurance, etc. to start EXPLORING.

One way to do this is to just start taking classes that interest you. There are several platforms online that offer up classes at a reasonable price, and take some time to see what is in your community. You can find everything from coding classes to learning how to knit. The idea is to just start playing and trying things that are different from what you have been doing in your 9-5. As you begin to learn, see what starts to bubble up. Sometimes it is just the act of being creative that sparks your brain and gets the juices flowing.

The two videos attached here are FREE classes offered by Skillshare. One talks about the importance of learning how to fail and the other how you can start to think differently. Both of these are SO important in exploring something new. It is breaking habits that have been created in your 9-5 job and learning that when you start something new there will be failure involved.

So – if you aren’t sure where to start, start with these two videos. You never know what they might lead to, but it at least gets you thinking in a new way and it is a great FIRST STEP!

Happy Exploring!

An Online Skillshare Class by Abigail Besdin

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