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That It Came to BE

094a74cae2361ac388ce22c793f549cdI’ve written about it before, but you have to take time out to celebrate the milestones – otherwise you risk losing the perspective of the distance you have traveled. Today marks the unofficial 1st year anniversary of Chapter Be! While I was secretly writing posts and interviewing people, I didn’t push them out into the universe or openly talk about it until June 20, 2013 – when I attended the Alt NYC Summit.

That step of just telling people that this is what I was doing was a scary one for me. It felt strange to enter into this world of online writing and blogging, something that was new and somewhat overwhelming. To go from being in a field of work where you feel very comfortable and safe to one that was wide open – already inundated with content, yet limitless in possibilities – was scary. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was the place for me, and having towed the company line for so many years was afraid to tell people that this is what I wanted to do. My only goals in the beginning were just that – to start. To stop thinking about it and analyzing it, but to just start doing.

So, in Chapter Be’s first year – that is what can be celebrated – that it came to BE.

That I opened myself up to being vulnerable and in doing that, allowed both praises and criticisms to come with the process.

That I had to learn to be okay with knowing that not everyone would “get” what I was trying to do, and to let go of caring about that.

That I got the opportunity to learn that there is a community out there that has inspiring Chapter Be stories, wants to share them and wants to help others who are in the process of moving toward their Chapter Be

That there is still so much more to do and that that is exactly what this is all about.

My goal for the 2nd year of Chapter Be is to set more tangible goals and benchmarks, but I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point if it were not for the 1st year of discovery – which included everything from frustration, doubt and pure joy. It’s been learning that these things will always be there, but if you embrace and acknowledge them as part of the process then there will be many more years to come.

*Image by Torrie T. Asai


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