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Being Alone – Embrace It

Exploring a Chapter Be or taking steps to follow your Chapter Be can be rather lonely at times. As I’m discovering, people won’t always understand your choices or even be supportive of them. They will question you, make judgements and at times doubt you. And I’m not talking about constructive criticism, as that can be very helpful along the way – and there is a difference. 

I’m learning that in order to continue in your efforts to make your Chapter Be a reality, you have to be someone who really doesn’t care what others think. You truly have to be okay with your idea and the fact that much of the exploration and discovery needs to be done on your own – all alone. 

I believe that humans have an innate need to be with others and surrounded by a community. Yet, I also believe that in order for there to be sound communication and constructive relationship building within that community, people have to be okay and comfortable with being alone. Alone in our being and alone in our thoughts. 

Poet Tanya Davis and illustrator and filmmaker Andrea Dorfman recently released the book, How to Be Alone – which is also beautifully shared in the video above. For those of us who find being alone challenging, they encourage us to “start simple.” 

“It’s okay if no one believes like you
all experiences unique, no one has the same synapses
can’t think like you
for this be relieved
keeps things interesting, life’s magic things in reach”

There is indeed a freedom that comes with the contentment of being alone – as it will in fact bring people, inspiration, confidence and experiences to the forefront that might not arise otherwise. So may we all, “stand on the outside of the floor, until the lights convince you more and more…”

Video via Brain Pickings

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