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Sara Eshak_Aint Nobody Got Time for That

I’m a night owl – which according to this recent article should mean great things for me, but I’ve also come to learn that nighttime is when I start perseverating and worrying even more then I already do during the day. Lately, I have been trying to live by the philosophy, “If you wake up on Tuesday, go to bed on Tuesday,” but I’m not always the best with following through on this.  So I’ve decided to officially add a new mantra to my list – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.” I’m going to try to use it in several scenarios, but one being  – when it is almost midnight, and I still have work to do, and I’m starting to worry about all of the work I have to do, and why can’t I get more done during the day, and cue the downward spiral – I just need to say – “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” close my computer, brush my teeth, and go the f*ck to sleep.

*Image by Sara Eshak
And, PS – you can buy this print. That will be happening. 

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