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Opinions – Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

At what point does an opinion of someone else become less helpful and more hurtful? Do we take the time this day in age, where we can quickly leave a comment on someone’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube Channel or blog, to think about whether or not it is a constructive piece of information that adds to the dialogue or is it just a way to have our own small soapbox for a few minutes? Constructive feedback is huge and so helpful as we take chances and learn something new, but at what point do we need to drown out all the comments and just focus on what our own intuitive voice is telling us? How do we take time within our day to ensure that our choices are coming from our own organic place and not from the pressures or environment around us? And, likewise, when we are giving our opinions, do we take the time to truly listen and make sure that it is beneficial to the person we are talking to and their journey – not just our own? It’s a fine balance, but an important one. How do we hear past the “faster horses” comments in order to see our own bigger and better road? 

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