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A Few False Starts


“Once you’ve experienced a few false starts in your career, you might hesitate to be as aggressive in chasing down a good idea and opt instead for a more conservative approach. And that’s completely understandable; your confidence can take some serious damage if you start doubting your ability to hit a homerun every time you step up to the plate. However, it’s far worse to avoid trying something that might fail, because in doing so you stifle your creative growth.
The problem isn’t doing something the wrong way, but not knowing when to let go of an approach that just isn’t working. It’s a tricky balance because you have to be able to recognize the difference between a tough challenge and an unwinnable war. If you’re the type of creative who’s tireless and stubborn, then it doesn’t matter what route you take to get the results you need since you will muscle through no matter how bad the stress gets. However, it’s always in the best interests of your professional longevity (and sanity) to know when to let go and start fresh.”
Sean Minogue 


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