Interviews and inspiration from those who are charting their own journeys to have a career and life doing what they love.



    Saira Rao

    Saira did not set out with the intention of being an entrepreneur – she became an entrepreneur because she saw a need and had to find an answer to it. Her answer? In This Together Media – a book packager of children’s fiction that creates compelling stories for underserved markets, so that diverse young readers can see themselves in the stories they are reading…


How do you navigate or create change to BE who you want to be in each chapter of your life?

Chapter Be examines this through interviewing people who have taken the risk, changed their careers or created something new to build their own unique path of being in this world. By sharing these unbarred stories, the goal is to create an open and honest dialogue about what it means to change, re-direct or construct your own route in life. Along the way, we hope to challenge you to examine your definition of success and ask yourself, “How do I want to BE in this world?” Learn More.


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