Interviews and inspiration from those who are charting their own journeys to have a career and life being what they love.


First Be, Then Do

Chapter B: a term used by psychologists to identify when a person enters into a new stage of life – whether that is a new relationship, job, city, or state of being.

To Be: defined simply as “to exist in actuality; have life or reality.” Synonyms include to be alive, breathe, and have existence. Every person’s BEing is uniquely their own.

Chapter BE: an organization that works to connect people to their true internal BEing as they write the next chapter of their life.

Working with individuals, groups, and organizations, Chapter BE wants to change the conversation from “what do you do?” to “how might you BE in this world?”. Challenging individuals to be the author of their own story with their true core values as the leading force.

So now, we ask you – How might you BE in this world?

The BE Stories

The Founder

Meet Kïrsten Blake, creator and founder of Chapter BE. Inspired by her dedication to education, human connection and issues of equity, Kïrsten works as a brain-based narrative coach, chief facilitator, and storyteller to help individuals reframe their personal narratives and (re)connect with their internal BEing. She believes that stories of BEing are a powerful way to create connection – both to self and to others.

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The Being of a Nation Road Trip

“The Being of a Nation” road trip consisted of traveling to all 48 continental United States in 90 days and asking almost 400 strangers: “How do you want to BE in this world?” Chapter BE drove 15,887 miles and collected stories of BEing from across the nation with the aim to connect through face-to-face conversation and examine how human similarities can be recognized and differences celebrated.

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Work with Chapter BE

Narrative Coaching

BE the author of your story

Chapter BE partners with you as you navigate a change to write the next chapter of your life. Working one-on-one, Chapter BE uses brain-based techniques to guide you through the process of reframing your narrative from doing to BEing. Read more...


BE open to change; BE the process

Chapter BE offers collaborative facilitation opportunities for groups of individuals, organizations, and corporations through customized workshops that guide individuals as they reframe their narrative and realign their values to create a better connection with themselves, an organization’s mission, or one another. Read more...

Speaking & Storytelling

Change the Conversation

Chapter BE provides speaking and storytelling engagements for students, adults, organizations, institutions, and conferences that touch on the power of connection and finding/(re)connecting to our civility through BEing. Read more...

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Connection is at the of being human.

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